Walking Meetings

Walking Meetings

Nowadays, we spend more time sitting than sleeping. The lack of physical activity’s impact is getting worse and worse on our health.

Let’s walk while we talk

What is it ?

It is a working meeting, taking place while walking with colleagues, clients or other stakeholders.

You can discuss any common issues.

You can walk outdoors (when weather permits) or indoors. 

Why ?

  • Exercise while thinking is motivating thinking out of the box: creativity is stimulated as changing environment inspires new ideas.
  • Taking the meeting outside is bringing fresh air into your lungs. 
  • Walking while in a meeting will increase your productivity : during the meeting and after as you will have been in movement.
  • It facilitates decision-making: changing your work environment can give free rein to your imagination and lead to more options that were not previously considered. People are more relaxed and talk easily about the subject they want to settle.  
  • Walking develops and strengthens interpersonal relationships and teamwork: people are more socially comfortable and spontaneous when they move.
  • It helps reducing the feeling of hierarchy between people. 

How ?

  • While we are working remotely : check which Zoom meeting you can take on your phone while walking (the dog – the kids – yourself) 
  • Back at the office : whenever you can, propose to go for a walk instead of using a conference room
  • Keep it under 60 minutes 
  • Keep it for small audience meetings (2 is best)
  • Don’t use it for Sprint planning or any other “tick the box” and “status update” meeting or if you have to present slides
  • Managers : perfect fit for the 1:1 

Interesting links and articles

TED Talk – Got a meeting? Take a walk

Steve Jobs – Walking Meetings

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