Moving Motivators – Energize people

The Moving Motivators exercise is based on ten intrinsic desires, which Jurgen Appelo derived from the works of Daniel Pink, Steven Reiss, and Edward Deci.

What is intrinsic motivation? According to Jurgen this is defined as people’s innate desires to do well and to have an eagerness for self-control and self-direction in accomplishing objectives. Successful intrinsic motivation is the result of the fullfillment of basic desires.

The cards

What is extrinsic motivation? External rewards such as payments, bonuses or promotions.

Step 1 : Rank your motivation “drivers”

Think about your motivation drivers and place them from left to right, from the most to the least important one for you at the moment.

Step 2 : Discuss your motivation “drivers”

The discussion that takes place will be around factual items, stories about how people around you can tell and see that this is a motivation driver for you.

Step 3 : This is an optional step, looking into how a change could affect your motivation

And as always, engage in a discussion about it, about how we could see it could affect your motivation. The discussion and sharing around it is what makes the exercise so rich too.

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